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The Dream Channel Virtual World


A proof of concept, critical first use case and starting ecosystem for the Gaze Coin blockchain, Dream Channel will break ground on the decentralized, gaze-based metaverse economy.

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"Gangsters Buy & Sell Dreams on the Black Market..."

When Lucy's dreams are stolen, she finds herself the star of a eSports game where audiences bet Gaze Coin on outcomes - a game played nightly on The Dream Channel. Audiences venture into the VR world and discover that their dreams have been stolen too!

In the final version of the game (crowd funded through GazeCoin ICO), audiences can play multiple characters and the decisions they make change the outcome. Audiences must earn enough Gaze Coin to pay gatekeepers, to purchase weapons and to buy moves that they will need in battle with other players. The game will test and prove every aspect of the Gaze Coin ecosystem and will be the means of marketing and promoting itself. It is the final culmination of all development efforts on the Gaze Coin platform. Dream Channel exists to not only be the quintessential prototype for an epic, connected metaverse game with an overarching story narrative, but more importantly, to inspire and spark creativity in the virtual world architects of the future.

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The Gaze Coin Development Roadmap covers fundamental milestones as development targets from the proceeds of the Gaze Coin ICO. Throughout the roadmap, including work completed pre-ICO, the Gaze Coin team develops a first-person open-universe mixed-reality (MR) survival MMORPG, called Dream Channel VR (Dream Channel), that is the first version of a larger MR platform the team is building. All revenues generated from the game will flow back into the User Growth Pool. Dream Channel is an eSports game where teams can compete in a winner-take-all matchup for GazeCoin (virtual currency).


Gameplay Overview

'Dream Channel' is a subconscious entertainment precinct that pays players in GazeCoin to search the metaverse for talent that could rate on Dream Channel TV - an immersive 'shared' TV channel. Players purchase a 'wormhole blaster' - a weapon that captures talent inside their content, blasting a wormhole between their location, through Dream Channel to an entry/exit (portal) location on planet Earth. Wormholes are lined with the talent's immersive content and provide players with a toll road/transport system between virtual worlds - shared by the talent and the player who captured them. The highest-rated show on Dream Channel TV is a eSports game featuring the most popular talent (called Dreamers) uploaded to the precinct. Tribes use GazeCoin to bid for their favorite dreamers, who are then pitted against each other in a deadly dream 'game show' in the streets of the precinct. Dreamers are locked into playing the game until they have won enough GazeCoin to pay their audience back. The Dream Channel environment is a procedurally generated open universe. The city builds new apartments, streets and sectors each time a new person joins the city. Dream Channel is a living, breathing universe that grows and adapts organically.


The Wormhole Transport System

Gaze Coin will build a transport system within the platform that allows users to teleport themselves from one virtual world to another: the Wormhole Transport System (WTS). For the metaverse to reach its full potential, users need both a means and incentive to navigate between worlds and world builders also need an incentive to create these connections. GazeCoin is the incentive, the user-generated WTS is the means. The WTS is a key infrastructural element to the expansion of Gaze Coin across connected virtual worlds. A "Wormhole Blaster" is a camera device that captures content and its coordinates, then blasts a wormhole – lining the wormhole with the player/creator's content and storing it in The Dream Channel – the universal database of wormholes. If a wormhole gains a following, its creator and those who recommend it receive payments in GazeCoin based on consumer time immersed inside that wormhole. Players participate in a shared universe with the ability to exchange wormhole coordinates with friends.

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A Decentralized VR/AR Token Exchange

One of the most exciting features of the Gaze Coin platform is the ability for users (creators, players, brands, artists) to mint their own token. Dream Channel features GazeCoin as an evolution of game currency; one that is portable from world to world with a constant traceable identity. The GazeCoin wallet/API not only features the ability for users to exchange GazeCoin across any VR/AR experience, environment or world, but also the ability for users to launch their own branded token coins. Branded coins will also be exchangeable between VR/AR experiences, environments and worlds, opening up a wholly secondary market for branded token coins. Ultimately, we will seamlessly allow value transfer from the virtual world to the real world and back again.



The success and failure of any virtual world depends upon the narrative and resultant ability for the audience to engage with the story. Dream Channel features a CYOA VR game experience showcased at the Cannes Film Festival May 2017 in which audiences (players) can play multiple characters and the decisions they make change the outcome. Players must earn enough GazeCoin to pay gatekeepers, to purchase weapons and to buy moves that they will need in battle with other players.