Rewarding Audience Engagement in Coins

BUY AND RENT PROPERTY ‘MARS’ red light district !


Buy FANTASY COIN and bid on functional revenue earning Red Light Window apartments inside FXXX - an immersive red light district (based on Amsterdam) on the planet MARS. The city is powered by a Layer 2 payment system where transactions are triggered by eye ‘gaze’. Visitors simply look at a model in a window long enough to show interest, triggering full immersion. Visitors embodying different fantasy experiences across 19 themed sectors & only paying for time immersed ! Once they run out of credits they need to buy more. 



DECEMBER 10- 20, 2019

Buy as many coins as you need for the auction.


* Stay tuned for content deals - instant delivery of adult VR content to all platforms globally

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An initial land offering (ILO)  funding an open universe survival game, Dream Channel  is offering virtual real estate in two virtual cities at  the centre of the game universe.  Promoted as a “virtual escape for your alter ego”, the cities are focussed on providing immersive experiences based on fighting and fantasy. As well as being a zone for inner excess, self discovery, the cities function as an entity rewards players of the game exploring the metaverse and recommending talent.


The Sale
stage 1: Fantasy

Titled the Red Planet Land Rush, Gaze Coin will open the doors on two cities located on an exact virtual world replica of Mars - as the starting point for its open universe survival game that rewards players in GazeCoin for discovering and engaging with content. This will be in two stages - Stage 1 - Fantasy.  Stage 2 - Lucydia . The venture was inspired by Elon Musk's challenge to entrepreneurs to create businesses on Mars, issued at SXSW in Austin Texas earlier this year.

The sale uses a finite land model  to establish two virtual cities on Mars using real geographical locations.  The first city is located on top of Mount Olympus and is based on the geographical layout of “Black Rock City’ created every year for ‘Burning Man’. The second city is based in Utopia Planitia, the Mars location where the NASA Viking project landed in 1971, and is a replica Amsterdam’s red-light district - with a finite supply of canals and red light windows.  The cities are the game sectors of the epic open universe survival game which was outlined in GazeCoin’s whitepaper and website.

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The Game & Cities Explained

The Red Planet is the setting of a PUBG (player-unknown battleground) game run by warring tribes & gangsters called Dream Channel. It is the most lucrative game in the Universe and rewards players for recommending talent.

The game is played inside a city called “The Dream Channel” – an immersive city in the shape of Burning Man’s “Wheel of Time” and is only accessible by taking the dreaming elixir “Gaze”. The game pits players against each other in a deathmatch inside their dreams rewarding them in Gaze.

The status quo changes when an unsuspecting player, Lucy, has a dream about a game called Fantasy played in the streets of Amsterdam – requiring its own ‘Fantasy’ elixir. “Fantasy” (based on the Amsterdam setting of Lucy’s dream) is the second city setting in the game. Lucy’s dream is the most coveted prize of all and she becomes the target of players and gangsters who wish to wrestle control of it from her by all means necessary.



Red Planet Land Rush uses a property model that is finite, strictly limited and fixed to the exact city size of the two city structures - but the initiative is bound to stimulate other settlements and is expandable via the game itself. The entirety of the virtual Mars is still open to other developers to establish other cities using X-Y-Z coordinates provided by the platform. Land can be linked to other worlds via the Gaze Coin Wormhole Transport System.

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How It WOrks

Property in both The Dream Channel and Fantasy are known as Dreamspaces – where dreams, wormholes and content are stored. Property owners may create their own ‘dream theme’. All participants in the game must own or rent a Dreamspace purchased by either using Gaze Coin (ERC20) or, in the case of Fantasy sector, Fantasy Coin (ERC20) and converting this into a unique property ERC721 token. 

Owners can choose to rent out their Dreamspace to whoever they want using an ERC721 ‘rent’ token and will earn a simple revenue share charged on all transactions that occur within the Dreamspace. Gaze Coin technology rewards landowners in any game currency for user engagement. For example, owners of land, billboards, benches or other real estate in high-traffic areas of a game will receive rewards for engagement occurring on the real estate (i.e. a player watching an ad). In the case of VR or WebGL games, Gaze Coin uses eye tracking to create a transaction that rewards gamers for simply looking (gaze triggering content).

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