Rewarding Audience Engagement in Coins


Gaze Panel

Gaze control is a critical tool used in the creation of Virtual Reality worlds where content is only triggered by audiences when they look towards it. VR Producers often use spatial audio to lure audiences to specific locations and then 'lure' them to look in a specific direction - triggering the content. Gaze Coin uses the concept of 'gaze' to create a business model for virtual reality and augmented reality by creating a unit of exchange between content makers, advertisers and users measured initially by 'gaze' and then more specifically through eye tracking. Specifically the model rewards players & audiences for consuming content (making content free), by charging advertisers for the time users spend immersed and by incentivizing content owners for providing premium content. The economics and flow of tokens in the Gaze Coin ecosystem is explained over.




Gaze based advertising works in the following manner. Let's use the example of a Dj who is sponsored by Red Bull, Vans and Quicksilver. A fan of the DJ enters the VR world and is drawn to the DJ's virtual apartment by spatial audio (ie just like real life the music lures the fan to a location) - By 'gazing' at the apartment for long enough to show interest, the fan dissolves into the apartment. Gaze Coin then makes a 'gaze' calculation based on how long the fan remains immersed within the apartment - immersed inside the music.

A background transaction takes place as follows:
The advertisers pay the DJ according to a 'gaze' calculation in 'Gaze Coin'. The advertiser pays a second 'fan' payment to the Dj. The Dj now has a contract to 'reward' the fan for participating. The reward can be in the form of product, tickets to gigs etc. >> transferred to their Gaze Coin wallet.


User growth pool makes content free

User Growth

The Gaze Coin ICO allocates 10% of coins in total to a 'User Growth Pool'. This aims to incentivise content owners to provide premium content experiences making this content free for users. Immersion will transform the way that music consumed globally. As such and Gaze Coin will at first focus the pool on incentivising users to experience music in this new way. It works as follows:

Stepping inside the DJ sector of Dream Channel spatial audio will lure audiences towards the location of their favourite DJ. 'Gazing' into the musicians virtual apartment for long enough they transition to inside their apartment - now fully immersed in the music. Inside the apartment they can select from a number of VIP tracks or DJ sets and go on a procedurally generated 'wormhole' ride immersed in the music where shapes, images and landscapes are generate randomly on the fly - and where no two journeys are ever the same. (allowing for repeat experiences of the same music).


Tracking Content & Objects Into The Blockchain


Content is often changed and added to by users as they 'craft' it for distribution. If Gaze Coin is the customised solution to monetizing VR/ AR content then it also must solve issues associated with copyright and payments to content rights holders when this occurs - an issue that currently plagues the 2D web. Gaze Coin solves this problem by including a mechanism that calculates and tracks content as it is added to and changed inside virtual worlds - storing that information in its proprietary blockchain.

Solving this issue is especially relevant when it comes to the creation and distribution of 3D objects (eg weapons and skins inside a game, or hologram characters) and music which is often altered and remixed. Gaze Coin then calculates how each fragment is consumed and creates a micropayment payable to content owners accordingly.